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Doctor Recruiting and Placement

Whether you specialize in recruiting doctors or placing doctors, DoctorNet is the ideal service for you.

To recruit doctors for a specific position with specific experience, you can broadcast email to one or more medical specialties searching for candidates that fit your openings.

If you have candidates you want to place, you may either broadcast your marketing message to doctors for that medical specialty or to hospital administrators, various administrative and medical groups, integrated delivery groups, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies or even other companies who are in your business.

DoctorNet Email Recruiting and Placement can't be beat for for speed and economy, and you can focus your message like a laser on a specific specialty or geographic location.

DoctorNet has has the world's largest and finest quality email address database with over 240,000 emails for doctors in over 55 medical specialties. DoctorNet also has over 80,000 email addresses for B2B communications, so you can reach medical industry companies that can help your business.

Since 1995, DoctorNet has broadcast millions of emails on behalf of dozens of our clients who are in the business of recruiting and placing doctors. Today, almost 40% of DoctorNet's repeat business comes from doctor recruiting / placement clients because they know it works!

When you need to fill a position quickly, we can turn your order around within 24-48 hours. You can use our Hit Counter and Email Lead Archiving Service to track hits and leads in real-time directly from the broadcast DoctorNet sent on your behalf.

Did you know most doctors love receiving email from recruiting and placement companies?

To learn more about how DoctorNet can help your business, contact us for a free creative and references.

When speed counts, DoctorNet can help you beat your competition with email marketing technologies that will change your business forever!

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