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Pay for Performance Email Broadcasts

You can decide whether you prefer a standard broadcast, where the price is based on the number of recipients plus options, or a Pay For Performance (PFP) broadcast where you pay a setup fee followed by Pay Per Lead (PPL) charges.

The advantage of a PFP broadcast is that DoctorNet is willing to share the risk of the success of the broadcast with you.

For a PFP broadcast, you pay a deeply discounted setup fee (compared to a standard broadcast), and you authorize DoctorNet to charge a small PPL fee for 30 days following the broadcast.

Once you pay the deeply discounted setup fee, you will only pay for the number of leads sent to you by the broadcast, and not by the number of recipients of the email message, like a standard broadcast.

If the broadcast does not result in many leads, you’ve saved a considerable amount since the setup fee was deeply discounted. This is a good way to test different marketing approaches at reduced rates, until you tune your creative and your offers to increase business.

Another advantage of the PFP broadcast is that if your broadcast is successful and you generate many leads, DoctorNet will discount future such broadcasts even more deeply (DoctorNet reserves the right to decide on the success of the broadcast, and whether to continue deeply discounting the setup fee).

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